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Excited to share with everyone my new blog! I have a new workspace, new template, and im ready to take on the blogging world!

Couple months ago, a few friends and myself took on the venture of renting out an old run down building in Kalaheo Kauai with the hopes of stirring up a new community of artists. The old building was an AC company before our move in and now it has become a kids & teen art studio (Kugava), a surf - skate - lifestyle shop (Aloha Exchange), & design studio (The Coop)! Over the next couple weeks I will share more about all these unique and radical people, but today I wanted to introduce you to our design workspace: “The Coop - Where Ideas Hatch.”

The Coop is a creative space/studio for three artists & freelancer’s, Bryce Johnson Visual Media, Kanoa Chung Architecture, and myself Graphic Design. The whole space was DIY, from the flooring to the furnishing, & we couldnt be more proud to share it with everyone. Ill be posting more pics of the whole process of our transformation…but for now, here is a little peak into our awesome workspace we like to call - The Coop.